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Time Waits for No One

Time is so interesting. It seemed to pass so slowly when I was young--when each year that passed got me closer to some amazing privilege, license, ability or new level of freedom. And then, sometime after college, it was like... Continue Reading →

November Favorites

It's been a while since I put together a favorite things list. As always, no one paid me to write about any of this stuff. Just things I've come across that I love and wanted to share. Feel free to... Continue Reading →

Can This Be Done?

Love, love, love this quote. If you're wondering who Phil Lawson is, he was my guitar teacher for a couple of years. He was an amazing player. He could listen to a song I brought in on cd--one he'd never... Continue Reading →

I’m Psychic

Yep, exercise gives you superpowers. Did you know that? Yours might be different than mine. I don't know. But I guarantee you've got at least one and you might not even know it yet. It took me years to recognize... Continue Reading →

That Time I Went All Weak in the Knees

There are things my body is really good at and things it's really bad at. For example, my body is really good at gaining weight. On the flip side, it's also really good at building muscle. My body gave me... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Crunch & You Don’t Have to Either

Anyone reading who absolutely LOVES abdominal crunches? Anyone especially love getting down on the floor; struggling to relax your neck (kind of an oxymoron, I know); and crunching until your abs burn or your arms get tired of supporting your... Continue Reading →

The Most Unexpected Part of Exercise

What does that statement conjure up for you? Are you thinking that I'm about to write a post about how I actually gained weight from working out and how I'm okay with that? Or maybe you're thinking it's going to... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Perfect

I fully admit to my need to have control over everything and to do everything perfectly always. And I admit that both of those things are impossible. And I further admit that those tendencies are annoying to the people closest... Continue Reading →

We Paint, We Eat Pizza & We Dream

The painting and dreaming parts of that statement are probably no surprise. We are a small business and sometimes you gotta grab a roller and slap some paint on the walls. It's an oddly fun task really. And I think... Continue Reading →

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