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At War With Vegetables

I want to love vegetables. I really, really do. Fruit, I love. Fruit is, has been and will always be, my friend. But vegetables? Vegetables are a challenge. I'm better than I used to be, but it takes effort. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Crunches Are a Pain in My Neck & Other Truths

Raise your hand if you dread crunches. Anyone? Everyone? If you were here, you'd see me with both hands in the air, jumping up and down and saying, "ooh, I do, I do!" Do I do them? Sometimes. Do I... Continue Reading →

See That? It’s a Clue!

Have you ever thought about something or worked on something for so long that when it actually happened--when it was actually reality--you kind of couldn't believe it? That's  where we are today with this news. And the image at the... Continue Reading →

Make Friends With Your Abs

This post is about one of those things you hear trainers, or group fitness class instructors say a lot: engage your core. Incidentally, you know what form of exercise is a great one for getting really good at engaging your... Continue Reading →

Final (Maybe)Favorite Things

So, the posts where we share our favorite things from the last month (products, articles, websites, recipes, exercises, etc.) has been a more challenging list to compile as the months go by. That's partly due to the fact that we... Continue Reading →

Pace Yourself

Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend. We had our first ever movie night at the studio last Friday and it was so much fun. The movie was really interesting; the food from Happy Belly was amazing; and the... Continue Reading →

May In-Review

In case you missed any posts this month, here's a little catch-up. When Hiring a Personal Trainer…Some questions to ask when meeting with potential trainers. We posted a Fitness Tip of the Month to help make your workouts safer and more effective.... Continue Reading →

Favorite Things: May

Happy Monday, friends! Our monthly collection of things we love or things we found interesting in the preceding weeks is here. We don't get paid to promote any of the products or people listed here, but if that ever changes... Continue Reading →

Fitness Tip of the Month

Hi there! Here we are in a new month, with a new fitness tip to share. And I love this one because it involves that ever-important mind-body connection thing. As always, no exercise or fitness tip works for everyone's body... Continue Reading →

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