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We’ve Moved!

Hi there! Our blog posts can now be found on our website, or by clicking here.  All of our old posts, as well as the new ones yet to publish, will live on this new page. We hope you'll... Continue Reading →

An Intro and a Discount

We are so excited to announce that after many months of work and planning; of shooting exercise videos and testing software platforms; of brainstorming program names and designing web pages; we are finally launching the online version of the workouts... Continue Reading →

A Good Defense

Hello everyone and happy December! If you've been paying attention to the news the last couple of months, you've been inundated with stories about people who cannot keep their hands to themselves. I had to stop reading/watching/listening after a while... Continue Reading →

Time Waits for No One

Time is so interesting. It seemed to pass so slowly when I was young--when each year that passed got me closer to some amazing privilege, license, ability or new level of freedom. And then, sometime after college, it was like... Continue Reading →

Can This Be Done?

Love, love, love this quote. If you're wondering who Phil Lawson is, he was my guitar teacher for a couple of years. He was an amazing player. He could listen to a song I brought in on cd--one he'd never... Continue Reading →

We Lie to You.

We lie to you. We do. We fitness professionals. We don't always mean to. Sometimes it's because we've fallen in love with exercise. And as often happens when we're in love, we see what we want to see and ignore... Continue Reading →

Something a Blogger Shouldn’t Admit…

First confession. If you've been wondering what in the world the featured images on some of my recent posts have to do with the topics of said posts, I have two things to say. First, thank you for noticing. I'm... Continue Reading →

My Simple Recipe for a Healthy Life

It's a really simple equation, health. Note that I said simple here, not easy. Sometimes life is just hard and there's no way around that. Over the years I've made healthy living way more complicated than necessary, which got me... Continue Reading →

From Love to Hate in 10 Seconds Flat

Several years ago I was OBSESSED with Pilates. The kind you do on those crazy-looking machines. I loved how it felt. My favorite thing was when we got to put the jump boards on the bottom and hop around. It was... Continue Reading →

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