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We’re Going to be Live on Facebook!

Hi all! I've talked before on the blog about our monthly open house events, where you can stop by the studio and we'll answer your fitness-related questions, demonstrate exercises and stretches and just generally try to help you make your... Continue Reading →

When to Up What You Lift

I was out with a friend recently and the conversation turned to working out. She asked me how to know when it was time to increase the amount of weight she was using in her workouts and by how much.... Continue Reading →

When Change is Good

A while ago I wrote a post about recovery days, aka active rest days and how important they are. And they are. And then...I promptly ignored my own advice. I did it because I loved my workouts and didn't want... Continue Reading →

Favorite Things: April

New month, new list of favorite things from the Lean Body Lifestyles team! As always, none of the people or products below compensated us for singing their praises. Strictly things we've found that we love. A hot bath could have... Continue Reading →

5 Things to Love About Barre Workouts

I LOVE barre workouts. I got certified as an instructor last year, and while I don't teach classes at the moment, I do incorporate some¬†elements of barre into my own workouts. There are some misconceptions about barre, which might be... Continue Reading →

Inside My At-Home Gym

I'm not currently working with a trainer or taking any exercise classes anywhere, so my workouts are exclusively home workouts at the moment. The good news is that you actually don't need much in the way of equipment to get... Continue Reading →

We’re on YouTube!

Hi all! Just a quick check in from me to day to share that we have uploaded our first video to the Lean Body Lifestyles channel on YouTube! Yay! Cue the confetti and trumpets, or whatever celebration images you want... Continue Reading →

5 Fitness Myths

I wrote last month about the myth of spot-training, and then I realized that there were a bunch of fitness myths that deserve to be exploded. So here are my Top 5 Fitness Myths De-Bunked. Myth 1: If I stop... Continue Reading →

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