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Crunches Are a Pain in My Neck & Other Truths

Raise your hand if you dread crunches. Anyone? Everyone? If you were here, you'd see me with both hands in the air, jumping up and down and saying, "ooh, I do, I do!" Do I do them? Sometimes. Do I... Continue Reading →

Tune In. Work Out.

Don't worry, Timothy Leary has not taken over this blog. I promise. I hope that's good news for you...I do realize that there may be some readers itching for a blog post about interacting harmoniously with the world around us. (That... Continue Reading →

Make Friends With Your Abs

This post is about one of those things you hear trainers, or group fitness class instructors say a lot: engage your core. Incidentally, you know what form of exercise is a great one for getting really good at engaging your... Continue Reading →

Pace Yourself

Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend. We had our first ever movie night at the studio last Friday and it was so much fun. The movie was really interesting; the food from Happy Belly was amazing; and the... Continue Reading →

We’re Going to be Live on Facebook!

Hi all! I've talked before on the blog about our monthly open house events, where you can stop by the studio and we'll answer your fitness-related questions, demonstrate exercises and stretches and just generally try to help you make your... Continue Reading →

When to Up What You Lift

I was out with a friend recently and the conversation turned to working out. She asked me how to know when it was time to increase the amount of weight she was using in her workouts and by how much.... Continue Reading →

When Change is Good

A while ago I wrote a post about recovery days, aka active rest days and how important they are. And they are. And then...I promptly ignored my own advice. I did it because I loved my workouts and didn't want... Continue Reading →

Boxing 101 & A Team for Hunger Walk!

Hi all! A quick post to tell you that we've got two new things happening at the studio at the moment. In addition to our body image class and our stretching class, we've added a boxing class designed for beginners... Continue Reading →

When Hiring a Personal Trainer…

Happy Monday, friends! Today's post is for those of you who are thinking about hiring a personal trainer but aren't sure what to look for. Hiring a trainer is a great investment in your health, but it can also be... Continue Reading →

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