The Life You Gain is a blog written by the trainers and staff of Lean Body Lifestyles, a boutique personal training studio in Tacoma, Washington. You can check out our website and learn more about us by clicking here.

We decided to write a blog to inform clients and friends of studio news, share health and fitness advice and info, and provide readers with access to certified personal trainers who can answer their exercise-related questions.

We decided on the name of the blog, The Life You Gain, for a couple of reasons. Primarily because the work we do with clients is about enhancing and adding quality to their lives as opposed to losing weight, inches or body fat. The latter can be a nice side effect of exercise, but it isn’t where we want clients to focus their goals. So the idea is that it’s about the life you gain through exercise not the weight you lose.

However you managed to find us, we are so glad you are here!

Erin, Nikki and Sarah