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November 2017

Time Waits for No One

Time is so interesting. It seemed to pass so slowly when I was young--when each year that passed got me closer to some amazing privilege, license, ability or new level of freedom. And then, sometime after college, it was like... Continue Reading →

November Favorites

It's been a while since I put together a favorite things list. As always, no one paid me to write about any of this stuff. Just things I've come across that I love and wanted to share. Feel free to... Continue Reading →

Can This Be Done?

Love, love, love this quote. If you're wondering who Phil Lawson is, he was my guitar teacher for a couple of years. He was an amazing player. He could listen to a song I brought in on cd--one he'd never... Continue Reading →

I’m Psychic

Yep, exercise gives you superpowers. Did you know that? Yours might be different than mine. I don't know. But I guarantee you've got at least one and you might not even know it yet. It took me years to recognize... Continue Reading →

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