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September 2017

We Lie to You.

We lie to you. We do. We fitness professionals. We don't always mean to. Sometimes it's because we've fallen in love with exercise. And as often happens when we're in love, we see what we want to see and ignore... Continue Reading →

If You’re Afraid of the Pain

There's something I was totally dreading this month because I knew it was going to be bad times for my muscles. All of them. And I was kind of scared of the pain that was headed my way. Not gonna... Continue Reading →

Well, That Was Embarrassing & Horrible

Once when I'd done something super embarrassing, my dad told me a story to make me feel better and it goes something like this. He was out for his daily walk and decided to take off his hooded sweatshirt. But,... Continue Reading →

Something a Blogger Shouldn’t Admit…

First confession. If you've been wondering what in the world the featured images on some of my recent posts have to do with the topics of said posts, I have two things to say. First, thank you for noticing. I'm... Continue Reading →

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