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July 2017

July in a Flash

I seriously want to do a cannonball into the pool in that picture right now, you guys. Actually, I'm getting less picky about how I cool off at this point. I was at my aunt and uncle's this week, chatting... Continue Reading →

Tough Sailing & Thursday Musts

Ever feel like there's something really important that you're forgetting to do? Like no matter how many lists you make, your brain is holding back something vital? Something that's going to rear its ugly little overdue head just when you... Continue Reading →

The Secrets to a Great Workout Every Time

We love to bust myths and share exercise tips around here. And this tip is something you can do whether you've never jumped onto the exercise bandwagon, fallen off it a couple of times, or have set-up camp there for... Continue Reading →

Amazing Summertime Treats You Need to Try. Like, Yesterday.

Just because you want to put healthy food into your body doesn't mean you don't get to enjoy delicious summertime treats too! I promise these recipes are as good (or better!) than anything you'll find in the store and they're... Continue Reading →

We’re Hiring!

Hi all, We're excited to announce that we are hiring a part-time personal trainer for our Tacoma studio! If you or anyone you know is a certified personal trainer, please check out the job description here. If Fitness for Life... Continue Reading →

The 5 Best Places for Inexpensive (but Cute!) Workout Wear

Because we wear workout clothes all day every day we've become experts on where to find reasonably-priced, cute, comfortable, non-transparent workout clothes. Because we love ya we're sharing our favorite places to shop for threads to wear to the gym/studio/yoga... Continue Reading →

18,057 Results

18,057 results. That's the number you get if you go to Amazon and search for "exercise DVD." There's something advertised as a Zumba "system" right there at the top. Another little something called PiYo, which I assume is some hybrid... Continue Reading →

That Time I Exercised Less & Got Stronger

Yep. It's true. I exercised for less time, at a lower intensity for two months. And I feel better. I sleep better. I'm fitter. I'm stronger. I can feel muscles I haven't felt in years. My knees don't hurt.¬†Everything changed... Continue Reading →

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