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May 2017

May In-Review

In case you missed any posts this month, here's a little catch-up. When Hiring a Personal Trainer…Some questions to ask when meeting with potential trainers. We posted a Fitness Tip of the Month to help make your workouts safer and more effective.... Continue Reading →

Movie Night!

Next Friday, June 2nd, is movie night at the studio and you're invited! We'll be screening an amazing documentary, Embrace: One Woman's Journey to Embrace EveryBODY. Check out the trailer here. And check out the website for the film here.... Continue Reading →

Favorite Things: May

Happy Monday, friends! Our monthly collection of things we love or things we found interesting in the preceding weeks is here. We don't get paid to promote any of the products or people listed here, but if that ever changes... Continue Reading →

We’re Going to be Live on Facebook!

Hi all! I've talked before on the blog about our monthly open house events, where you can stop by the studio and we'll answer your fitness-related questions, demonstrate exercises and stretches and just generally try to help you make your... Continue Reading →

When to Up What You Lift

I was out with a friend recently and the conversation turned to working out. She asked me how to know when it was time to increase the amount of weight she was using in her workouts and by how much.... Continue Reading →

When Change is Good

A while ago I wrote a post about recovery days, aka active rest days and how important they are. And they are. And then...I promptly ignored my own advice. I did it because I loved my workouts and didn't want... Continue Reading →

Fitness Tip of the Month

Hi there! Here we are in a new month, with a new fitness tip to share. And I love this one because it involves that ever-important mind-body connection thing. As always, no exercise or fitness tip works for everyone's body... Continue Reading →

Boxing 101 & A Team for Hunger Walk!

Hi all! A quick post to tell you that we've got two new things happening at the studio at the moment. In addition to our body image class and our stretching class, we've added a boxing class designed for beginners... Continue Reading →

When Hiring a Personal Trainer…

Happy Monday, friends! Today's post is for those of you who are thinking about hiring a personal trainer but aren't sure what to look for. Hiring a trainer is a great investment in your health, but it can also be... Continue Reading →

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