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March 2017


In case you missed any posts this month, here's what we talked about! We paid some much-needed attention to Balance training. We de-bunked 5 Fitness Myths. We told you about the studio's new open house project in A Rainy Walk With a Purpose You... Continue Reading →

Favorite Things

It's time for our monthly list of things we love! We aren't paid for sharing these, but if that ever changes, I'll let you know 🙂 Okay, here we go... This list of reasons to exercise that have nothing to... Continue Reading →

Something Sweet

*Update to this post: I added some photos to the recipe at the end of the post. Enjoy! I love sugar. I really do. And I appreciate it. I savor it. I can pass up savory stuff all day long.... Continue Reading →

It’s Talk to a Trainer Tuesday!

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that tonight is our inaugural Talk to a Trainer Tuesday event at the studio. We're opening our doors to the community on the third Tuesday of every month, from now until...Well, we hope a very long... Continue Reading →

We’re on YouTube!

Hi all! Just a quick check in from me to day to share that we have uploaded our first video to the Lean Body Lifestyles channel on YouTube! Yay! Cue the confetti and trumpets, or whatever celebration images you want... Continue Reading →

My Pre-Trainer Life

Last week Nikki and I returned from our first annual management retreat. We went down to Cannon Beach and spent three days making a plan for the next year of the studio's life. In July of 2015, I sat on a... Continue Reading →

A Rainy Walk With a Purpose

This morning I woke up to snow outside my window. This was not good news since today was the day Nikki and I had scheduled to wander the neighborhood around the studio, posting flyers for an upcoming community event. The... Continue Reading →

5 Fitness Myths

I wrote last month about the myth of spot-training, and then I realized that there were a bunch of fitness myths that deserve to be exploded. So here are my Top 5 Fitness Myths De-Bunked. Myth 1: If I stop... Continue Reading →


I think balance ranks just above stretching in terms of important elements of the fitness equation that don't get their due. We spend an awful lot of time talking about the importance of cardiovascular and resistance exercise--and for good reason.... Continue Reading →

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