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February 2017


Well, we are at the end of the shortest month of the year. I'm heading out of town for a Lean Body Lifestyles management retreat--our first of many more, I hope. We're going to be planning for the next year... Continue Reading →

Ten Tips for Exercise Motivation

This morning I had to get up early in order to fit in my workout. And I was a giant baby about it. It didn't matter how many times I reminded myself that I used to be up before 5am... Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Things

Hi all! How was your February? As we speed toward the end of this month, I've got more of our favorite things for you. As always, none of the people or companies here have paid us for endorsing them. Here's... Continue Reading →

Should I Work Out Every Day?

Should I work out every day? This is a question I hear often, especially from people who are trying to lose weight. If working out three times per week is good, then working out every day must be even better,... Continue Reading →

Studio News Alert!!

We have been really busy over the last several months (the last year, really) planning for the next phase of Lean Body Lifestyles' life as a business. It's been really difficult to keep some of this stuff under wraps! So,... Continue Reading →

The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Spot-Training

Other than this blog, Pinterest is the only social media platform I actually like. But one of the themes that has been cropping up a lot lately in my suggested pins, is spot-training. And it's starting to really bug me.... Continue Reading →

Runaway Bride

Anyone remember the movie Runaway Bride from 1999? Julia Roberts plays a woman who has had many weddings, but no marriages. Richard Gere writes a nasty article about her, containing a few untruths; she threatens to sue the newspaper for... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Numbers

I don't own a scale. Haven't for years. And the reason I don't is because the number has too much influence over my happiness. It's not something I’m proud of. I was especially reluctant to write a post about it.... Continue Reading →

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