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We’ve Moved!

Hi there! Our blog posts can now be found on our website, or by clicking here.  All of our old posts, as well as the new ones yet to publish, will live on this new page. We hope you'll... Continue Reading →

What Motivated Me to Exercise Today

Yesterday I went out and bought new workout shoes, because my current ones looked like this... And because they looked like that, they were wearing out my socks on the heels such that they were threadbare. And if the shoes... Continue Reading →

What I Wish I’d Known

Well, that title could apply to so many facets of life, am I right? But in this case it's what I wish I'd known before I became a full-time(ish) freelancer. You all know that I work for the studio part-time... Continue Reading →

What’s for Breakfast

I tried a lot of different breakfasts before I found one that: 1. Tastes good. 2. Doesn't leave me hungry within an hour or two. 3. Doesn't take long to make. This is what I landed on, and I've been... Continue Reading →

Awesome Workout Thingy

Happy 2018 everyone! Hope you had a lovely holiday and that you're looking forward to what the new year will bring. I don't know how embarrassed I should be that I used the word, thingy, in the title of a... Continue Reading →

2018 Changes

Just a quick post today about some of the changes we're making in 2018. We've added online training--that's the most exciting one for us! (If you missed that post you can check it out here.) We've completely redone the interior... Continue Reading →

I’m Giving Up & I Feel Alright About It

Sometimes I like to play a little game. I make a list of all of the things I'm doing that I don't want to be doing. It is usually very long.  Then I tell myself for the hundredth time that... Continue Reading →

An Intro and a Discount

We are so excited to announce that after many months of work and planning; of shooting exercise videos and testing software platforms; of brainstorming program names and designing web pages; we are finally launching the online version of the workouts... Continue Reading →

A Good Defense

Hello everyone and happy December! If you've been paying attention to the news the last couple of months, you've been inundated with stories about people who cannot keep their hands to themselves. I had to stop reading/watching/listening after a while... Continue Reading →

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